God bless women preachers

March is Women’s History Month and I have been remiss in highlighting or speaking to that at all. My apologies to all female church leaders! From Old Testament times where women were considered to be property, to the suffrage movement that fought for the right to vote, to the modern day prejudices that still exist in some circles against women in the pulpit. Let’s kick off the month of March in defense of women in the pulpit!

My early years in ministry were spent around some pretty conservative folks who had very discriminatory views on women in ministry. I’m not going to honor that point of view as if it’s legitimate or a viable perspective but it’s not. The old testament is replete with women preachers and leaders who were anointed by God to speak on his behalf and lead the flock. Miriam was anointed and was a vital, albeit behind the scenes, and blessed part of the leadership team that God used to bring the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Deborah was used in the book of Judges in war and battle. Ruth and Naomi were vital in the maintaining and fostering Davidic lineage to Joseph and by extension to Christ. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was anointed by the Holy Ghost to prophecy and speak truth and declare doctrine.

Women in the pulpit and women in executive leadership positions have always been the plan and vital part of the Church universal. Any church or organization that disallows or discourages women pastors or preachers is outside of scriptural teaching and in clear violation of the intent of true church leadership.