Happy ordination birthday to me!

When I was living in the Bay Area eight years ago, I was approached by some friends who wanted to know if I would consider officiating their wedding. The minister they wanted to perform the marriage rite had a late development in their parish and might not be able to make the ceremony. They wanted me to pinch hit if that scenario came to pass. I was honored they asked.

I started poking around and researching quick and easy ways to get ordained so I could perform the ceremony and, most importantly, legally sign the marriage license for them with the county clerk. After all was said and done their first minister of choice was able to make the wedding so I wasn’t needed. That’s how I began my own little marriage ministry and since then I have helped officiate communion and performed house blessings and cleansings.

If you, or anyone else you know, might be in need of a wedding officiant or perhaps another spiritual task, I would love to help if I can. I’m willing to travel anywhere for a wedding or perhaps farther for communion, funeral or a house blessing. We can definitely pray about it.

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