He Gets Us

I saw this in commercial format on TV the other day and I made a mental note to circle back and find out more about it.

As it turns out, He Gets Us is a media campaign promoting Christ and his relatability to all peoples everywhere, anytime.

Jesus gets our lives because he was human, too.


He Gets Us is a campaign designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in our lives.

It all started with a diverse group of people passionate about the authentic Jesus of the Bible. He Gets Us is an initiative of Servant Foundation, a designated 501c3 organization with a 100/100 Charity Navigator rating.

We’re not “Left” or “Right.” We’re not affiliated with any church or denomination. We simply want everyone to understand and relate to the authentic Jesus as he’s depicted in the Bible — the Jesus of radical forgiveness, compassion, and love.

This is about getting to know the real Jesus. How Jesus experienced the same problems and emotions that we’ve all been through. It’s about providing a safe place to ask questions, including the tough ones. And realizing that Jesus is as relevant today as he was 2,000 years ago.