Morning service of prayer

The National Cathedral in Washington DC got on my radar when I caught their national service of prayer online during inauguration week last month. I really like how open and inclusive they are and I have been enjoying their daily morning services of prayer before I start my day during the week. This particular prayer service really spoke to me and I wanted to pass it along. If you are looking for something new or different in terms of a morning devotional you might really enjoy this.

The hard line fundamentalist view that we need to interpret the scriptures literally more often than not is a form of spiritual leprosy that infects everything it touches. Symbolism and metaphor are the coins of the realm when it comes to mature and reasoned scholarship. Taking culture and language in to account along with textual and literal meanings are two sides of the same spiritual coin: truth. Here is my favorite quote from the devotion…

I don’t need the bible to full of facts in order for the bible to be full of truth.

Rev. Hollerith

In our pursuit of good doctrine and Godly ministry let us understand and embrace the spiritual laws of truth and teaching. The health and life of the church local and the Church universal depend on it. Amen.