Happy ordination birthday to me!

When I was living in the Bay Area a few years ago I was approached by some friends who wanted to know if I would consider officiating their wedding. The minister they wanted to perform the marriage rite had a late development in their parish and might not be able to make the trip after all. They wanted me to pinch hit if that scenario came to pass. I was honored they asked.

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A good good father

Tommorrow is Father’s Day and if you’re like me, this particular holiday has never really ranked up there as one of my favorites. I had a tumultuous and conflict ridden relationship with my biological dad and to this day we are completely estranged. I’m really OK with that because I have moved on in life and have enjoyed lots of strong, healthy male influences in my life that filled that space in my life. Additionally, my dad has demonstrated time and again that he has no interest in knowing me.

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The Oath: A novel by Frank Peretti

I first encountered Frank E. Peretti and his brand of spiritual non-fiction when I was a 19 year old teenager in bible college on the East Coast. I had only been a Christian and convert from the Catholic Church for three years and very early on in my faith walk I realized I was very intrigued and drawn to the idea of spiritual warfare, the existence of angels, and demonology. I remember getting my hands on This Present Darkness and immediately being riveted and stirred in my soul by the storyline. I devoured the two follow up books, Piercing the Darkness and The Prophet, with rabid interest. Obviously, we know that the works are clearly non-fiction, but much like the film The Exorcist, it was hard to deny their many elements of accuracy and biblical authenticity.

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