Some people are like fish bones

I learned how to fish for trout while doing an internship at a startup church in the hills of West Virginia. Real fishing is a lot of work. There is the hike to find a good spot. Then there is the right bait and the prepping the pole. When you get a bite, you can’t reel them in right away you have to reel them in slowly while also giving up some line back so as to help them tire themselves out. Then you have to hike back out with the spoils of the day and then you have to skin them before you put them on the grill.

You never want to cook a fish whole so you have to take off the head, scrape off all the scales and bones, and then empty the guts out. You only want to eat what’s left. Some people are like fish bones. You take what’s edible, what’s healthy, what’s good for you and then you discard the rest. Some people are just like that: you take what you can get benefit and nourishment from and you simply put the rest in the trash. No need to fight, or argue, or get and stay in an endless tug of war with some people. Simply take you can and throw the rest away.