How do we pray?

The Rev. Patrick Keyser shares this morning that although he’s always believed that prayer is essential to the Christian life, he often felt inadequate for the task. Outside of the public liturgy, many of us are uncomfortable with prayer. Our reading this morning offers us a place to begin our prayers.

Personally, I am comfortable with both extemporaneous and scripted prayer. The situation, audience, and context many times will lend itself to one or the other. Sometimes you will even do both. I’m also a big fan of the Lord’s Prayer. If there is such a thing as a “one size fits all” approach to prayer the Our Father fits the bill!

The biggest thing to remember is that prayer is a form of communion and communication with God. It’s a spiritual discipline that needs to be practiced and an art form to be nurtured and developed. There really isn’t a right way or wrong way to pray and it’s best to just carve out times in your life to just do it.